KB|MF furniture for RTV Noord


After a 3 month build, RTV Noord is bringing its radio programs from a brand new studio. The studio is located adjacent to the news room in the building of the Mediacentrale in Groningen, the Netherlands. The specialized radio desk is designed and build by broadcast furniture specialist KB|MF. In the design phase extra care was taken into account for “lines of sight” and camera angles, while the radio program is broadcast on TV as well, by five different cameras.

All pictures: Orange Frame Film & Photography



RTV Noord klein-26 RTV Noord klein-27 RTV Noord klein-9 RTV Noord klein-6 RTV Noord klein-4 RTV Noord klein-15 RTV Noord klein-14 RTV Noord klein-22 RTV Noord klein-21 RTV Noord klein-19 RTV Noord klein-17 RTV Noord klein-18 RTV Noord klein-16 RTV Noord klein-25 RTV Noord klein-3RTV Noord klein-27