Ericsson MCR – Desks by the meter

kbmf_logoThe Master Control Room of Ericsson Broadcast Services in Hilversum is the hotspot of the Netherlands for all incoming and outgoing video signals. Furniture builder KB|MF delivered 20 new desks and a specially curved monitor video wall for the renewal of the MCR. Installed in 2015 and in official operation recently.

All photos for KB|MF provided by Orange Frame Film & Photography.


Ericsson-MCR-18 Ericsson-MCR-2 Ericsson-MCR-1 Ericsson-MCR-13 Ericsson-MCR-15 Ericsson-MCR-6 Ericsson-MCR-7 Ericsson-MCR-20 Ericsson-MCR-19 Ericsson-MCR-3 Ericsson-MCR-11 Ericsson-MCR-10
Ericsson-MCR-16 Ericsson-MCR-17 Ericsson-MCR-9 Ericsson-MCR-8 Ericsson-MCR-12 Ericsson-MCR-4 Ericsson-MCR-14